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Introducing, "The Pose Book,” the first posing book that teaches you how to pose your body. 

This book is broken down into different modeling categories to help educate you on the types of markets that are out there and will help teach you how to pose for the market you decide to pursue. With this book you are able to get a full step by step on how to pose every part of your body and utilize everything around you. It teaches you a variety of facial expressions and Runway walks. This book also provides a Q&A inside to answer those questions you may feel uncomfortable to ask or can't get a straight answer. 


This isn’t a posing reference book, this is a book that helps you learn the basics and provides key pointers to help make you a successful model. That being said, I’m excited that this will be a great addition to my business, “MODXDOM,” a Posing, Runway and Facial Expression Lessons that I provide to everyone.

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Published Date: December 1, 2021

Format: Soft Touch / Gloss Cover

Category: Posing, Photography, Modeling

Publisher: Self-Published

Trim Size: 8 X 11

Pages: 180

US price: $100